Revive Your Conscience

We all know our present depends on the choices we had made in the past. Someone had made a choice to divide the earth into countries, people into castes and God into religions. Someone had made a choice to make nuclear weapons. This country made a choice to rule that country. That group made a choice to oppress this group. And we kept on making the choices to create this present world. Have we made the right choices? Only one person can tell and that is you!

Humans come with a navigating system called conscience, it tells us whether we are on the right path or on the wrong track. Our conscience always warns us whenever we turn in the wrong direction and gives us ‘go ahead’ if we are heading right. That means our conscience always makes the right choice? Yes! Then why is there so much anguish, hatred and destruction in the present world?

Because our conscience is not conscious. Some put it into slumber that is next to dead. Some people’s conscience is in a state of drowsiness; it may work sometimes. Few have fully awake conscience and it ensures that they are always on the right path.

Just imagine a world where all the choices are made by our conscience – watchful, alive and mindful!

We all need to overhaul our conscience to witness serene and beautiful sights on this journey of life and make this world a kinder place.

© Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

My voice was mute

It felt all different, something has changed
The look of the world is not the same
Faces wrapped in masks, identity blurred
I opened my mouth to ask and I spoke
But no one heard me as my voice was mute
Sounds went silent, words were not talking
Have I gone deaf or the world is tongue- tied
Someone tapped on my shoulder and showed a sign
” Speak with your eyes”
I looked at the world again and clearly saw
It has changed, people are talking through eyes
Pretence and twisting of talks are forbid
You speak exactly the same ’cause eyes can’t lie
A beeping sound….oh can I hear again!
No, I have woken to the world of sounds…

© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

The Last Push….

It was 21st September; I felt this unusual pain in my tummy. It was like high tides; mounting with full aggression and then sinking as a calm wave. The frequency increased. My mother in-law rushed me to the nursing home. Death would be less painful; I was howling and throbbing in that superlative pain.

It was all wet…. My water bag burst!

I was hurried to the delivery room.

“Push! Push with all your strength.” “You have to concentrate and give a strong PUSH!”

I collected all my physical, mental and emotional strength and PUSHED….

My baby! My angel! World of my happiness has finally out in this world!

The umbilical cord connecting you and me was cut….

Leaving behind the comfort and safe abode of her for nine months; from womb to our home.

Soon you experienced all the discomforts and comforts of being alive! You cried to tell- “feed me.” You cried to say- “clean me.” And you smiled to the comfort of my lap; and you giggled to see your dad.

With your tiny feet you took the first step. How ecstatic I felt when the first time you uttered “Ma”!  And each day you grew; adjusting and adapting into the world outside me.

“Push her!” “You have to PUSH her into the school bus…..”

You were sobbing and clenched me. This time it was even more painful….i was not howling but something inside me was dreadfully worried as if a part of me was splitting but again I pushed you out of the comfort and safety of your home into a new world….; I pushed you into this world which is meant for the survival of the fittest.

And the brace between you and me was broken……

Step by step, class by class you raised yourself. You bloomed and equipped yourself to conquer the hearts. One after another you filled the shelves with achievements. You made our cores inflated with pride! Praises, fames, love and respect, all you earned.

“Push!” “Push her…..she needs to go…..”

Ahh! Again for the last time, I have to push you…. Will I be able to survive the pain this time!? Irrespective of the pain and my fate; I’m going to push you into the world of your dreams. Go carve your destiny, live your life as you want. The whole new world is going to unfold for you…. Fly away from the nest because you have to scale the heights and fly beyond the sky! Go! The beautiful life is waiting to embrace you!

And I’m going to set you free….

I’m going to PUSH you the last time…..


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.



My geography teacher Mrs. Sen told us a fact

Once upon a time there was only one land!

No Asia, Russia or America as such

All the landmasses joined in one bunch

‘Pangaea’ it was called;

300 million years away when no human was found

Imagine for a while, what if humans existed at that time!

Worldians, Earthians or simply Humans to be called

No countries, languages or religions to divide

‘World is a family’ would be the tag line!

My imagination is really going wild;

Pandas, kangaroos, Tigers and Koalas could roam in any wild

No claim on the wonders of the world;

Jointly they would be each human’s pride!

How cool it would be to wander without visa

Dollars, Dirham, Yen or Rupees all would mean the same

No fuss over food, colour or name

Ahh! Just an imagination of my insane mind

Tectonic plates trembled and drifted apart

And Mrs Sen is now on chapter 10;

Teaching about continents, countries and floated lands!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.