Three women in my life

You can call them my best friends

Family, supports or people in my life

They being splendour of strength to me

Three pillars, completing the fourth side

The first one brought me into this world

Another is blood, born to the same mother

And the third is part soul; calls me mommy

I always have these three women for me


© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

“OMG! It’s Women’s Day today!”

In the absence of my house help today I happily took the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of the house. After the rigorous dusting, brooming and moping my back had given up but even in that pain I felt a peace of mind. Cleaning is the best therapy to de-stress and to invade positivity in soul and house. A quick shower and I sat down with my bowl of oatmeal and the newspaper to fuel my belly and the mind.

The first page of the paper made me realized that the whole world is celebrating Women’s Day ‘today’!  The supplement paper was filled with special offers, discounted jewellery to pizzas, fashion brands highlighted heavy discounts on women apparels; everyone seems to be in the race to please ‘Women’ today. A special treatment for women and a whole day dedicated to them, isn’t it wonderful? NO, it is NOT.

The other day I was travelling by metro and the train was jammed packed. I got hold of a hand rest and balanced myself in the standing crowd. I looked around, there were lots of young girls and the metro is the best place to know about the trending fashion. Six stations before I reach my destination.

“Madam, why don’t you ask that guy to stand, he is sitting on your seat.” A voice came from the back.

“My seat?” I looked around and asked in wonder.

“Yes, it’s reserved for ladies, see it’s written there.” He explained.

I ignored his suggestion.

But I guess that guy was feeling envious of the person sitting on the seat reserved for ladies, he pestered me again.

Now it was difficult for me to hold back.

“Do I look weak, ill or am I differently abled?” I asked the person in a stern tone.

“No madam….but it’s a reserved seat for ladies….” This time he was a little nervous in replying.

I asked the boy sitting on the reserved seat to get up and offered the seat to an old man struggling to stand.

“Bhaiya, hope you are feeling fine now?” I asked the man who was so worried to arrange a seat for me. He was hesitant to face me.

I would like to ask all men there who are celebrating Women’s day today-

Why do you guys discriminate against us? When is the men’s day? Aren’t we the same species as you are or are we different?

Oh please stop making us feel special on one day of the year; we are very well aware of our strengths and weaknesses. We are no different; we are as normal or abnormal as you men are.

Stop boosting your ego by reserving a day for us so that you can misguide yourself of some superiority over women. You and I are same; we all are humans except some biological differences. So for me, it is “Happy Humans’ Day” today, tomorrow and always. Being a human is a thing to celebrate not a man or a woman.