Let me move to the countryside….

Let me move to the countryside; or little into the wild

In search of new emotions and the faces that don’t look alike

My soul feels captive in this jungle of concrete

Each breath I breathe with lots of scuffle and fret

No stories to write; no poems to recite

All are rushing to reach nowhere in sight

No moment to rest or laugh or to love

Everyone is worried, hurried and stressed!

Take me to the fields, mountains or the seas

Oh! Just take me away from the cities

A shady tree, a little shack and a river flowing down the track

Nothing much do I need few birds some butterflies

Flowers, grass and the wind passing by

There I’ll sit under my tree writing stories full of life!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.







My geography teacher Mrs. Sen told us a fact

Once upon a time there was only one land!

No Asia, Russia or America as such

All the landmasses joined in one bunch

‘Pangaea’ it was called;

300 million years away when no human was found

Imagine for a while, what if humans existed at that time!

Worldians, Earthians or simply Humans to be called

No countries, languages or religions to divide

‘World is a family’ would be the tag line!

My imagination is really going wild;

Pandas, kangaroos, Tigers and Koalas could roam in any wild

No claim on the wonders of the world;

Jointly they would be each human’s pride!

How cool it would be to wander without visa

Dollars, Dirham, Yen or Rupees all would mean the same

No fuss over food, colour or name

Ahh! Just an imagination of my insane mind

Tectonic plates trembled and drifted apart

And Mrs Sen is now on chapter 10;

Teaching about continents, countries and floated lands!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.