You are roving through the terrains

On not so bumpy ways

The track seems easy and straight

Road map imprinted in mind

Terminus of journey set in the eyes

Abruptly! You brake at a standstill

Highway splits into two

You are on the crossroads

Decide! The turn of the steering

Lot of crowd heading to the right

Few can be seen on the left side

Make a choice; join the herd to be safe!

Or take a left if your heart says

Close your eyes; talk to the self

Leap of faith or the safety net

Make a purest bid with your conscience

On the crossroads of life; it’s your call

Stick to the conviction; make a decision.


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.










Excess Baggage

It’s been three years my mother met her younger daughter and she can’t let go the opportunity to meet her again! My sister flew down to India from US three years back and my mother’s longing to hug her again is easily comprehensible to another mother (me!).

Ticket was booked and one month in hand to pack the suitcases flying. My mommy was super excited to pack all her love and everything Indian for my sis in just those two suitcases (thanks to the limited weight allowed with the airlines).  And she did exactly the same! Spices, homemade pickles, Haldiram’s ladoos, ethnic Fab India kurtas , silk sarees, junk jewelry from Janpath ……phew! You name it and the suitcases have it! Unlimited love for each member of the family was stuffed into the luggage. (As if the mother’s love could encompass into two bags!)

Now the reality check- ‘Suitcases were overweight!’

“Mommy, you can’t fly with this extra baggage; you need to unpack some unwanted stuff.”

Yes! You can’t fly with the extra baggage.

As they say ‘life is a journey’ and it should be travelled light. Many a times I wonder; in spite of all the love for life and people around, why am I not enjoying my travel as I should? There is always something pulling me down. My feet often feel weary. Sometimes, I feel that hurriedness to reach to the destination instead of appreciating the beautiful scenery passing by.

It’s always a constant effort to think positively and feel happy. Breathing courage with each gasp and infusing strength in my will.

Am I carrying some excess baggage?

I guess, yes. I need to throw away few fears; fear of unexpected. I need to dump my anxiety for knowing- ‘what next?’ Need to scrap some expectations (most difficult to part). And most importantly give away the forgiveness! And also forget.

I have to remove everything from my mind that is weighing me down; all the moments and memories.

It’s not easy to let go all that I have accumulated over the years but gradually I have to discard every bit that makes my travel difficult. I’m continuously in the process of winnowing my stuff (thoughts, feelings) till I am light to fly…..

I’m rearranging my luggage and so is mommy!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.


Look at My Feet

Want to know how far I travelled

Or wish to peek into my memoire

Look at my feet

Bare feet, tiny gate; shaken pace

The very first step on the life’s trail

Two months short from a year

My little feet took my weight

They amazed me with all the strength

Took me through deepest depth

Highest height and toughest stretch

When life was little shaky and bit sad

Still they hold me upright to their best

Rhythm of being is their fav track

My feet love to dance on life’s tap

Sometimes they trembled with all the nerves

Courageous enough to take me over the bump

Always balancing on the time’s trail

Walking, sprinting or strolling; adjusting its pace

My feet are the bystanders of all my travels  

Of all the puddles, bents and turns

All the meadows, serenity and splendor terrene  

They will take me till the end

Before they tire and want to rest!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.











Re- routing

I’m a traffic phobic and driving at high speed scares me to the bones! But I still managed to learn driving and occasionally drive too! It’s been seven years of safe driving within the radius of 15-20 kms.

My school time friend was on her Delhi visit and it was mandatory to have a get-together. After a long group chatting; day, venue and time was finalized.

Shall I drive down ……?

On the highway, vehicles speeding up like in a formula one race and others over taking from left and right!

Ahhh…. Can’t stop my breath for 30 kms!! Bad idea.

My good friend came to my rescue and offered me a ride. (She behind the wheel. Wow!)

“Good yaar you know all the routes in Delhi”.

“Nah, its GPS! My trusted friend on the road”


We were so engrossed in talking that she missed the left turn (as directed by the GPS).

“Now what?”

“Chill yaar, it will reroute; just five minutes extra, but we’ll reach our destination.”

Reroute- few minutes extra- but you will reach your destination

Isn’t it true in life too?! We all aim to achieve something or to reach somewhere. We follow a path to fulfill our dreams; a plan always waiting for execution; a time-table set, an hourglass placed. But how many of us actually reach the destination?

Many of us give up when the road looks unfamiliar or not as per our blue print. We lose patience when it takes a little longer to travel. We panic when something happens out of plan. The dreams shatter and destination blurs.

We all have our own GPS fitted in the minds but we forget to activate it. Just feed the destination and simply follow it. Your ‘will’ will take you there. It will reroute the travel whenever you’ll divert from the path. You may reach a little later than the scheduled time but you will definitely arrive. You may get distracted and miss the turn; it will guide you to the next one.

Drive your life fearlessly, be alert, follow the GPS (will power), reroute it as many times as it requires but make sure you reach your destination!

“You have arrived at your destination.” The GPS declared.


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.