My Will

Is there life after death?

I wonder if it’s possible to live after my last breath

Too much in love with life; want to live even after I die!

Some say they allot you heaven or hell

Where you go, only your karma can tell

Will there be trees, birds, wind, sea and soil?

Who has seen the world after the demise

There is a condition before I die

Promise me butterflies, mountains and the sky

I’ll embrace death with a smile; just want to live after I die!

When no motion is left and my body looks dead

My soul will be pleading to live, see and love

And this will be my last ‘will’ to adhere

Take away my eyes, heart, liver and every possible part

Plant them in the person who needs them the most

I’m too much in love with the life; want to live even after I die

My eyes will live to admire the beautiful rain

My heart will beat and fall in love again……..


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.



People in the mall, people on the road

You meet them, greet them, hate them, love them

In the bus, on the plane, office or the park

Every tiny piece of Earth full of faces

But have you seen their soul?

They guard their soul with a mask

Mask tightly glued, without any clue of soul

Many masks for different people, different occasions

Sad souls wear happy masks

Jealous disguise in a friendly mask

Poor in riches and evil in angels

Fragile and weak appear strong

All are safe-guarding the real soul

As if they are petrified to reveal their actual self

I wonder how they breathe, choking the soul

And gradually the soul dies behind the mask

An anonymous life we all live with no identity; just the mask

People everywhere without the real face

Just the masks to see hanging firmly on the soul…….

Imagine one day the soul revolts

With all the force, pulls the mask off

Ending all the anguish and show itself out

A true person living with a real face

How beautiful the soul is without the mask!

© [Charu Gupta] and [Potpourri of life] [2018].

Filter coffee

Our trip to Banglore and Ooty last winters was one of the best excursions we had. Although Ooty is famous for its tea and chocolates but it was there we had the best filter coffee. And ever since my husband has been pursuing me to buy ‘South Indian Filter Coffee Drip’ (A stainless steel equipment to make filter coffee).

After ordering it online I started watching YouTube videos to learn the process for the perfect brew. I was wondering how the process makes any difference; you just need milk, sugar and coffee powder or maybe some cream (If taste matters more than calories).

But definitely process makes a huge difference.

For filter coffee, coffee powder needs to stand for hours along with the boiling hot water on the tiny holes of the filter. And then drop by drop we get the concentrated, aromatic decoction of coffee! It’s a matter of patience and the filtration for that purest sip to give you an exuberant experience.

Filter: A process to remove impurities and unwanted material.

How often do you filter your thoughts? Have you filtered people around you? What about filtering your desires and expectations?

Most of us have become conscious about what we consume (eat and use). We check its brand, ingredients, process and expiry date. But we still need to become conscious about filtering the things that our soul needs to consume.

We keep on collecting unwanted emotions, fears and pessimism. We keep on tagging along toxic people. Over the times we accumulate endless desires and expectations. And all these unwanted things make our soul a junkyard; where it becomes difficult to find calmness, happiness and contentment.

Put a filter around your soul and don’t let anything seep in that is capable of contaminating your well-being. It’s not going to be an easy task; it needs lot of willpower and love for one’s self.

Start filtering people around you. Discard those from your life who are filled with negativity, hatred and apathy. Stay away from those who always try to pull your spirits down or have envious traits. Surround yourself with people who are full of positivity, generosity, inspiration and good humour. You don’t need a long list of ‘friends’, few good friends are enough to keep your soul healthy and to give a great taste to life.

Start filtering your desires and expectations. Have realistic and achievable expectations from others. Be self- content. Have goals in life rather than desires and acceptability for people instead of expectations.

Filter your emotions. Just keep those which provide a soothing effect to the soul. Be happy, laugh more and always have an optimistic outlook. It’s not going to eradicate problems from your life but provide you the courage to solve them.

Just put a filter of consciousness around yourself to detox and have a pure self. Enjoy every sip of life and along with it let the grin reach up to the eyes.

© [Charu Gupta] and [Potpourri of life] [2018].