Jigsaw Puzzle

A box, my first gift to welcome me in the world
Wrapped in a beautiful wrap and a bow on the top
It was always in sight, my tiny fingers tried to unwrap
Mom pushed it aside, “baby you have some time”
I cried and cried to hold it in my fist, the gift box
But mommy for some reason kept it out of my grasp
By the brush of time the box faded from my memory
Days and years passed by and turned me five
Can you believe it, that box again came to sight
“My dear, time has come to unpack the gift.”
I grabbed it with glee; finally it was in my reach
I tore away the bow and then the glittery wrapper
My heart was pumping fast as I pulled away the top
“Mommy what’s this, So many pieces and all uneven!”
My face drooped as I had waited to see a toy in the box
“It’s a jigsaw puzzle and you must put the pieces in place”
A perfect picture only if you don’t give up midway
Years passed, I’m still trying to connect all the parts
A smile rolls up every time I succeed in linking the bits
Slowly but surely pieces are falling in place
Coalescing into a beautiful picture as I solve the puzzle of life!

© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.