Success ↔️ Failure

The meaning of success is very subjective. It not only means different for different people but also changes its meaning over time for the same person. Everyone wants to be successful in life and for that, work accordingly. How do you perceive success? My success can be a failure in your eyes and your success might mean nothing to some people. 

Success could be synonyms to wealth, fame and luxuries in life. It could also mean a permanent job, great career, well settled children and good health. For a social media influencer, success is a perfect upload, millions of followers and enormous response. 

I question myself, am I successful? I don’t have a conventional career, wealth and fame. Kids are doing good for themselves and my health is okay. Am I successful in life? Yes, I am successful. The parameter of success for me is – I am able to do as I wish without any social pressure or fear. Living without strings is success. The meaning of success has changed for me as I age. Ten years ago, running a rat race and performing better than others was success for me. Making everyone around me happy and working as per others’ acceptances was a success. But now success is not a burden anymore. Living life to the fullest is the success that many do not acknowledge. Being successful is so simple! 

©Charu Gupta and potpourri of life.

Thousand perceptions to a picture!

I think it’s a universal fact that after marriage every girl longs to visit her parents’ home and so do I. The reason is obvious; all the other roles and responsibilities take a back seat and you are just a little girl of your parents! Since the last four years, the reason for the visits to my parents’ home has changed or I can say, a new reason has been added. My cutie pie, adorable and super smart Niece! All of us look forward to spending some time, listen to her talks and watch her superb dance moves. This four year old is really a wonder girl! (This is indeed a wonder-generation!)

During one such flying visit (Even half an hour is enough to have our fill of happiness) my son thought of challenging my niece’s smartness. He asked her a simple question-

“What is 1 + 1?”

Her answer – “ Bhaiya, 1 and 1 is 11!”

“See Mommy, she doesn’t know what 1+1 is! Its 2!”

My sister-in-law intervened – “Come on, she has yet to learn addition; she doesn’t know the answer.”

1+1 = 2……. right!

1+1 = 11……wrong? Is it?

Aren’t both the answers correct? Isn’t it just a different perception?

The question is one but the perception of a 10 year old and a 4 year old (uninfluenced understanding) is different.

An overused example quoted when we talk about different perceptions- A glass is half filled or half empty?

  1. It is half filled.
  2. It is half empty.
  3. It is half filled with water and half with air.
  4. Oh! I’m feeling thirsty, thanks for the water!
  5. The water in the glass is not clean.
  6. Wow! What a beautiful glass; where did you buy it?

And the different outlooks for the glass half-filled continue….

Have you ever observed the sky with clouds? I’m sure, many a times, all of us have identified different figures emerging from the hues and patterns of the clouds – a big furious devil! Little chicks following the mother duck! A beautiful lady with long hair! And every time the picture changes or rather your observation changes.

Patterns made by thread dipped in colour, black spots on moon, scribbling by a child, water spilled on the floor, chipped plaster on the walls or just look at the random things around…. So many views, imaginations, perceptions and outlooks that differ every time with the change of the onlooker…… and all are correct!

I hope you agree with me so far, do you? If yes, then…..

Why difference in opinions (viewpoint) lead to arguments, fights, breakups and even wars!

Life presents endless situations and how a person looks at them is totally one’s own choice. Given the same situation, one may get influenced or become aware to take a different view. Forced learning is also an instrument for manipulating the perception.

A tip for the creative souls: Change the angles to view the same picture for different stories!

For me life is a big plate filled with different cuisines, flavours and colours. My aim – to relish as much as I can!

For you it may be a long journey where you want to cross each hurdle with triumph!

For someone else, life is a struggle each day to find some happiness….

For someone who had survived a near death experience, life is nothing short than a magician’s act!

Another tip: If the view is constantly grumpy, bumpy and gloomy then dear, you must change the angle!

How you perceive life and how you live is totally your insight, there is no question of right or wrong!

We should respect each one’s perception because the view is not the same from different angles as for half the world its night and the other half is having a day! Day and night at the same moment exist, so do the thousand perceptions for a picture!