The journey will conclude

And the travel will end

Standing at the last stop

I will surely look back

The trail I have travelled

Diversions I took, people I met

Some long halts, few rutted rides

Refreshing strolls, racing in time

All that I did, all that I said

Souvenirs I kept, gifts I parted

The last glance on the road

A smile will roll up

My eyes will sparkle

What a voyage it was!

Just to earn that moment                                                                            

I am investing in my timeline…

©Charu Gupta and potpourri of life.

Now the circle is complete….

You throttled me to croak

And burnt my clan alive

You smouldered me to choke

And uprooted my life!

You unheard my call for help

And my pleads were snubbed

I waited for ages for you to realise

I’m the life that you breathe

Let me live so that you could survive

You were busy building concrete

On the ashes of my woods

I was still shouting to ‘stop’

And warned for the collapse

You were madly on the spree

To construct by destructing me

Now the circle is complete….

You are gasping for breath

And caged in your jungle of concrete

© Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

Consume me

A corner of my house invites me

I customarily sit down to catch on me

Gaze over the wide window in the west

Four yellow merging with the sunbeams

Balls of cotton floating on deep blue

Few flocks racing in arrays of harmony

Curves of greens peeping into the house

Waving in glee as wind murmur through

I just consume all the calmness in sight

Or let the serenity consume me…


© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

She has reclaimed her space back!

I was astonished to see the deep red rose

Still smiling bright on the top of the bush

It was there, yesterday and the day before too

No eying eyes and prying hands in sight

Nothing less than a miracle to live so long

As if it has reclaimed its space back!

I was strolling down all alone on the street

Never heard so much silence ever in the city

Only some light pouring down the windows

And a kitten resting in the centre of the road

No fear to be shooed away by marching feet

As if it has reclaimed its space back!

I was in my balcony, sipping ginger tea

Sky was too blue with no mourning cloud

Unusual sight of flocks happily rushing all-around

Breeze felt so light, all burdens it had shed

You can hear the Mother Nature giggling

As if she has reclaimed her space back!

© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.






Something seriously wrong today

Dawn of the day without the chirps

No sigh of the wind, no flapping of the wings

Everything is moving in silence!

As if nature went mum or doesn’t want to hum

Oh! Mother earth, are you annoyed?

Sounds of the morning make me feel alive

Say something, what’s troubling?

Drops down the clouds without ‘pitter-patter’

Silent rain rolling down as tears of the eyes

Everything is so calm making me restless

I plead you to speak, oh please don’t be quiet

“No one wants to hear my words anymore!”

The buzz of the flies, slosh of water, rumpling of leaves

Ah! No ears for the sounds that I make

You humans turned deaf to my chatter

My beauty, my talks no more make you flatter

All glued to phones, plugs firmly covering the ears

Guarding your senses from outside ecosphere

People on the walk way, metros or malls

In the cafes, parks, gyms and homes

Earplugs always on, listening noises of the device

What nature says….. Who cares!?

Some sound interrupted the conversation

Is it raining outside?

Oh! Thank God it was just my nightmare!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.















Let me move to the countryside….

Let me move to the countryside; or little into the wild

In search of new emotions and the faces that don’t look alike

My soul feels captive in this jungle of concrete

Each breath I breathe with lots of scuffle and fret

No stories to write; no poems to recite

All are rushing to reach nowhere in sight

No moment to rest or laugh or to love

Everyone is worried, hurried and stressed!

Take me to the fields, mountains or the seas

Oh! Just take me away from the cities

A shady tree, a little shack and a river flowing down the track

Nothing much do I need few birds some butterflies

Flowers, grass and the wind passing by

There I’ll sit under my tree writing stories full of life!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.






Keep driving…. Your destination is ahead

Every time we end up visiting a hill station during our vacations, wherever we go from Tamilnadu to Rajasthan, Maharastra to Madhya Pradesh, it’s always mountains calling, definitely some connection!

Few years back during the same time of the year we were deciding for the next destination to explore. I had already put down my conditions before shortlisting the options and that was- a place away from the crowds and surrounded by nature in its purest form!

After lot of scrutiny we zeroed in on ‘Chakrata’ a hill station (It has to be….some connection!) in Uttarakhand. This secluded hill station is different from the popular hill stations, away from the hustle and bustle in the lap of Himalayas dotted by huge coniferous forests.

Life is short so let’s go to the beach or maybe to the mountains! Bags packed, petrol checked, spirits high and we hit the road. 345 kms at the elevation of 2,118 meters and the 8 hours’ drive!

And finally after all the jerks and bumps crossing through the dusty smoky concrete jungles (We call them cities) we were in the lap of nature! We were welcomed with a refreshing cool breeze and picturesque ambience as if it was aware that our pollution sucked lungs and dusty sore eyes needed some comfort. Beauteous, tranquil and divine Chakarata! It is a known fact that there are millions of stars in the sky, but it was the Chakarata’s night sky that proved it to me. As if all those shining wonders were determined to make this night memorable for me.

There are not many options to choose from for the stay but we were lucky to get this homely cottage (I don’t like fancy and too luxurious stays as it kills the adventure). For our company there was a huge Bong group always bursting out with laughter and chats on a high pitch.

For my knowledge: Bengalis (in Kolkata) make contributions every month to spend on their annual trips and they prefer travelling in big groups. (Wow!)

Next day after plucking plums (a plum tree reaching to the terrace of the cottage) and savouring them along with the scrumptious breakfast, we decided to explore the place.

Kanasar was our destination of the day- 26 kms and again a bumpy ride for the nature’s wonder (as told by the locals).

And trust me it was a real bumpy ride! All five of us in the car (My mother in law, two kids, my husband behind the wheel and I) had the toughest ride till date. Rounded pebbles and stones, steep elevation and car slides few inches back as soon as you leave the clutch! Scary!

We had just covered two kms and I asked my husband to give up the idea and take a U-turn (which was again a dare devil task). But he was hopeful that it’s just a rough patch and road will be good ahead. All five pairs of eyes were glued on the road and I was continuously chanting Gayetri mantra.

7 kms so far and 19 kms still left- still chance to go back; but in vain, my husband was too curious to know what was next.

Two hours passed- driving at the speed of 20 km/h, eyes fixed on the road without blinking, no living being in sight, huge barren mountain at one side and a steep valley on the other and a long road (Can we call it a road!) of rounded stones (just one change- change in the colour of the stones).

Was it a lady coming down the path? Yes, I had spotted a human! Moment of euphoria! From the moving car I waved and shouted, “How far is Kanasar?” (what if she replied- there is no place called Kanasar or It’s not in this direction!) The woman answered- “just a little away, keep driving”. (A ray of hope!)

And we kept driving…

At last…. A spell-bounding, spectacular meadow surrounded with tallest Deodars known as Kanasar in sight!

It was surreal, heavenly and blissful! A flat land with beautiful flowers, soft grass protected by huge and ancient Deodar trees. (Each tree was had a panel strung across its trunk marking its age) Monkeys swinging, jumping and chattering. Divine sound of bells coming from the temple in the vicinity. Kanasar Temple is the center of faith and devotion for the locals.

We spent nearly two hours trying to fill all our senses with the enchanting nature and inflate our lungs with the purest of air. Gave a good bye hug to the Asia’s oldest and biggest Deodar tree measuring 6.5 mtrs in circumference.

Lesson learntDifficult paths often lead to beautiful meadows. Never give up; your destination is just a few steps away! Drive on in life with the belief that in the end all the jerks and bumps will pave way to a pristine paradise.