Black or white?

Zebra stripes, crossing lines, and inked pages

Dreams of subconscious minds, nights to days

Morals and sins, parting wrong from right

You hate, you love, you think and you do

Why everything appears black and white!

Look again! A drop of black emerging in white

Can you see the dance of light into the darks

On the horizon, no absolute truth or the perfect lie

People are not monochrome as they look

How can you tell life is black or white!

You insist to see everything in two shades

The dark colour for you maybe my white

Holes in the divider that you ignored

No complete black or spot-less white

Did I tell you? I‘m grey from the inside!

©Charu Gupta and Potpourri of Life

Success ↔️ Failure

The meaning of success is very subjective. It not only means different for different people but also changes its meaning over time for the same person. Everyone wants to be successful in life and for that, work accordingly. How do you perceive success? My success can be a failure in your eyes and your success might mean nothing to some people. 

Success could be synonyms to wealth, fame and luxuries in life. It could also mean a permanent job, great career, well settled children and good health. For a social media influencer, success is a perfect upload, millions of followers and enormous response. 

I question myself, am I successful? I don’t have a conventional career, wealth and fame. Kids are doing good for themselves and my health is okay. Am I successful in life? Yes, I am successful. The parameter of success for me is – I am able to do as I wish without any social pressure or fear. Living without strings is success. The meaning of success has changed for me as I age. Ten years ago, running a rat race and performing better than others was success for me. Making everyone around me happy and working as per others’ acceptances was a success. But now success is not a burden anymore. Living life to the fullest is the success that many do not acknowledge. Being successful is so simple! 

©Charu Gupta and potpourri of life.


The journey will conclude

And the travel will end

Standing at the last stop

I will surely look back

The trail I have travelled

Diversions I took, people I met

Some long halts, few rutted rides

Refreshing strolls, racing in time

All that I did, all that I said

Souvenirs I kept, gifts I parted

The last glance on the road

A smile will roll up

My eyes will sparkle

What a voyage it was!

Just to earn that moment                                                                            

I am investing in my timeline…

©Charu Gupta and potpourri of life.

Now the circle is complete….

You throttled me to croak

And burnt my clan alive

You smouldered me to choke

And uprooted my life!

You unheard my call for help

And my pleads were snubbed

I waited for ages for you to realise

I’m the life that you breathe

Let me live so that you could survive

You were busy building concrete

On the ashes of my woods

I was still shouting to ‘stop’

And warned for the collapse

You were madly on the spree

To construct by destructing me

Now the circle is complete….

You are gasping for breath

And caged in your jungle of concrete

© Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

माना दुख पहाड़ सा खड़ा है

माना दुख पहाड़ सा खड़ा है,
माना अंधेरा काली रात सा घना है,
माना निराशा, बेबसी घेरे है,
माना उम्मीद दम तोड़ रही है,
पर मानों, प्रकृति का नियम कड़ा है,
पौ फटेगी और अंधेरा छटेगा,
स्वास है, जीवन है, जीवित हो,
निराशा की ज़मीन पर बारिश गिरेगी,
और आशा का बीज निष्चित उगेगा!

©charu gupta and potpourri of life.

एक रह चुनी है मैंने

एक राह चुनी है मैंने,
जहां भीड़ बड़ी कम थी।
छांव को दरख़्त नहीं,
मिट्टी थोड़ी नम थी।
कुछ शोर यहां से चीखा,
“बेवकूफ़ हो, कुछ नहीं कर पाओगे”
कुछ आवाजें वहां से आईं,
“चलते रहो, कुछ मन का कर जाओगे”
एक ने ज़िद्द बढ़ाई, दूसरे ने हिम्मत,
मेरे इरादों की बुलंदी को दोनों ही काम आए!

©charu gupta and potpourri of life.

Jigsaw Puzzle

A box, my first gift to welcome me in the world
Wrapped in a beautiful wrap and a bow on the top
It was always in sight, my tiny fingers tried to unwrap
Mom pushed it aside, “baby you have some time”
I cried and cried to hold it in my fist, the gift box
But mommy for some reason kept it out of my grasp
By the brush of time the box faded from my memory
Days and years passed by and turned me five
Can you believe it, that box again came to sight
“My dear, time has come to unpack the gift.”
I grabbed it with glee; finally it was in my reach
I tore away the bow and then the glittery wrapper
My heart was pumping fast as I pulled away the top
“Mommy what’s this, So many pieces and all uneven!”
My face drooped as I had waited to see a toy in the box
“It’s a jigsaw puzzle and you must put the pieces in place”
A perfect picture only if you don’t give up midway
Years passed, I’m still trying to connect all the parts
A smile rolls up every time I succeed in linking the bits
Slowly but surely pieces are falling in place
Coalescing into a beautiful picture as I solve the puzzle of life!

© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

Standing on the center stage

Standing on the center stage

You have to be perfect in each frame

No, you can’t blink, stoop or sit

Fix a smile, you must appear content

Enormous eyes are judging your act

You can’t fumble or forget your lines

Have to be flawless, engaging and sound

After all you are living for people’s applause!

Constantly perform the best role

One mistake is enough to jeer you down

Arc lights, make-up and this platform

You chose to live in people’s gaze

Can you dare to step down the stage

Washout the paint and sit on the floor

Away from stares, crowd and noise

Listen! Life inside you is whispering

I’m only yours and live as you like

Please don’t present me on the stage


© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.











Changed Plans

Almost two and a half months back…

This year seems to be a year to fulfil our dreams or rather move in the direction towards a good change. Finally all the desires were converting into reality. To begin with our daughter got a summer internship with a renowned organisation in New York with a decent remuneration. Her tickets were booked for a short trip back home. We had reserved a five days holiday in the mountains to surprise her. Though I was doing a lot of online work but wanted to restart my job as a teacher and I got one with a reputed school; I was super excited! And the cherry on the top was an offer to buy one of our properties at a profitable price (people who know us personally can understand why we need so much money). Apart from these personal look forwards there were many reasons to be happy in 2020.

25th March, 2020

The pandemic took over the world and India went into a complete lockdown. International flights were cancelled till uncertain period. Schools were shut and classes went online. Summer internship contracts were annulled. Most of the businesses were held up.

All our plans collapsed without warning!

One by one all that we had planned was disapproved by destiny. I had never felt so much helplessness in life. In just a couple of days life took a different turn. Everything blurred and became uncertain. Days overlapping without date and time, life was choked but you were still living.

Now what next?

A firm belief that everything will be fine and God has better plans. A spore of hope germinated after many days of gloominess. Some voice inside me whispered…there is a reason for the changed plans and unfulfilled desires. And the voice was right! There was a purpose of my daughter’s cancelled flight and internship, her time and energies were needed more by her aunt (my sister). That is another story of my sister’s failed plans which I’m not discussing here. Just to mention she is suffering with some medical issue (not covid-19) and needs a support for daily activities. We are at peace at least my daughter is there to help as no one in the family could fly in the current scenario.

Now I’m moving with the belief that our plans are not failed or disapproved but changed. Patiently waiting and praying to see the sign board on the path to reveal our purpose. One more thing….life does not need a fool proof blueprint. It surprises you at every turn so just keep moving with the trust…plans do change and everything will be fine.


© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.