Black or white?

Zebra stripes, crossing lines, and inked pages

Dreams of subconscious minds, nights to days

Morals and sins, parting wrong from right

You hate, you love, you think and you do

Why everything appears black and white!

Look again! A drop of black emerging in white

Can you see the dance of light into the darks

On the horizon, no absolute truth or the perfect lie

People are not monochrome as they look

How can you tell life is black or white!

You insist to see everything in two shades

The dark colour for you maybe my white

Holes in the divider that you ignored

No complete black or spot-less white

Did I tell you? I‘m grey from the inside!

©Charu Gupta and Potpourri of Life

My voice was mute

It felt all different, something has changed
The look of the world is not the same
Faces wrapped in masks, identity blurred
I opened my mouth to ask and I spoke
But no one heard me as my voice was mute
Sounds went silent, words were not talking
Have I gone deaf or the world is tongue- tied
Someone tapped on my shoulder and showed a sign
” Speak with your eyes”
I looked at the world again and clearly saw
It has changed, people are talking through eyes
Pretence and twisting of talks are forbid
You speak exactly the same ’cause eyes can’t lie
A beeping sound….oh can I hear again!
No, I have woken to the world of sounds…

© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.