Don’t lose that ‘human touch’

A new job calls for a fixing of the wardrobe, especially for a pyjama and jeans person like me. I literally spent last two years in tees-pyjamas and sneakers! And it’s such an exasperating task to hop from malls to markets. I wanted to finish my shopping spree on Saturday, in hope to save Sunday to relax. After dropping our son to his coding class (my son is also caught in this frenzy) we drove to the Indira market in Noida. This market is always buzzing with all types of pocket friendly Indian attires. It was a gruesome task to pick a few Kurties from so much on display. I was still busy in selecting while keeping a balance of colour, design and budget in mind, suddenly it all turned dark outside. Sky was hell bent to pour down all the water and hail. July was visiting Earth in the month of March! I was done for the day. Luckily we were carrying umbrellas (thankfully now we can trust meteorological department’s predictions). But where to go? The whole street was flooded with murky water! There was only way to cross it and that was to drown our shoes and walk. My husband and I were standing on the edge of the road which was now a drain and we were looking for some miraculous path to appear. It was four thirty, time to pick our son back from the class. Water, water everywhere, not a single brick it spared!
“No way! I can’t dip my feet into this pool of filth!”
“What to do? There is no other way out…our son is waiting.”
We were still in dilemma and praying for water to disappear and a soft female voice reached our ears.
“Where you have to go? I can drop you.”
We turned around…An elderly lady dressed in a saree with a big bindi on her forehead was looking at us with an alluring smile.
“I have asked my son to pick me up…there he is!”
A car stopped in front of us. A boy in early twenties was in the driver’s seat.
“Come…I’ll drop you.”
“We just need to cross this street…our car is parked across this road..”
“Sure! Get in…”
She opened the door of the rear seat and shifted to the end of the seat. With lot of hesitation and with even more gratitude we adjusted on the back seat with her with our dripping umbrellas and a big shopping bag.
“Thank you so much ma’am…” I was still finding it surreal. Do people like her still exist?
She was wheezing heavily. She took out an inhaler and puffed.
“ are asthmatic…” I asked and she just nodded with a smile. I noticed rosary and a cross hanging on the rear view mirror.
“I had come to buy things for the church and it started raining heavily.”
“Any special occasion..” I tried to strike a conversation.
“I’m a retired principal from …….( I missed the school name) and we teach sewing to poor ladies.”
“Wow! That’s wonderful…I’m also a teacher.”
“Which school do you teach?” she looked at me with more attention.
“Ma’am I was at Father Agnel…”
She cuts in … “John’s school…John and Princy come to our church…they will be leaving on 22nd March.”
(Mr John Dinakaran, Principal of my previous school.)
“Oh.. you know them…”
“What’s your name?” she asked
“I’m Charu…Charu Gupta.” Again I missed asking her name.
“and I will be soon joining Somerville School…” I continued
Again she cut me short… “Arul Raj…I know her too!”
“It’s a small world!”
And the car stopped at the end of the street and the sky ran out of water.
“Thank you so much ma’am…God bless you!”
“God bless you too! And all the best for your new job!”
We walked towards our car, looking at each other and filled with gratitude with this unexpected blessing.
When the whole world is running away from human touch, this unknown lady not only offered help, sat so close to me (amid of Covid-19 scare), coincidentally had a connection and blessed me too! I was so much in disbelief and trying to grasp the miracle that I forgot to ask her name and missed her ex school’s name.
She was a retired Principal (I guess from some Noida school), goes to sector 50 church and runs a school for under privileged women to teach sewing.
Leaving this information in the hope that someone might connect me again with her….
…wait! What about visiting the sector- 50 church….yes!

© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

Call me an atheist

Mommy, you lied to me when you said

God lives in our hearts and each element

I heard a case going on in the court

And people are fighting to get him a home

Mommy, you told God is one with many names

Same as I have different nicknames

No, you were wrong God changes with each name

And there is a fight going on in God’s name

Mommy, you preached religion strengthens

We all are one with different faiths

Sorry but religion is the biggest divide

We have to fight out to prove our might

Mommy you told light of diya and candle is same

Bow down your head whether temple or mosque

Celebrate Diwali and Christmas with equal zeal

Oh, mommy, you have taught me everything wrong

Gods are diverse of different names

And they want people to fight so God can prevail

Mommy, you keep your teachings and let the people say

Keep me out of this religion game

Call me an atheist and humanity is my only belief

Now no God can ask me to differentiate between Ram and Rahim

© 2019 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

Inhumane Humans

Another girl is swallowed by the demons at the age of just eight!

News, Twitter, Media everyone is filled with rage

Words of anger and outcry for justice tweeted…re-tweeted

This will go on for some days…then what next?

Then again everything will be normal, nothing will change

Shame I feel to be called ‘human’; Co-existing with cold blooded predators

Human feeding on human; killing the humanity day by day

Me too a mute spectator to this brutality; guilty, liable, helpless

This News shall pass till another heinous act

We all are in waiting to be turned into cold blooded predators

Human race would end with no trace of existence left

Maybe then humanity will grow again

And then I will be proud to be called a ‘human’.


© [Charu Gupta] and [Potpourri of life] [2018].