The journey will conclude

And the travel will end

Standing at the last stop

I will surely look back

The trail I have travelled

Diversions I took, people I met

Some long halts, few rutted rides

Refreshing strolls, racing in time

All that I did, all that I said

Souvenirs I kept, gifts I parted

The last glance on the road

A smile will roll up

My eyes will sparkle

What a voyage it was!

Just to earn that moment                                                                            

I am investing in my timeline…

©Charu Gupta and potpourri of life.

आज कुछ नया गिनते हैं

दुख गिनने बैठो तो खत्म ही नहीं होते
शिकायतें भी अनगिनत हैं
चलो आज कुछ और गिनते हैं
दोस्ती के डब्बे में दोस्त गिनते हैं
अपने सर पर रखी दुआएं गिनते हैं
जिंदगी की गुल्लक में हंसी गिनते हैं
पेड़, तारे, बादल, तितलियाँ गिनते हैं
चलो आज कुछ नया गिनते हैं!

Life is a beautiful blessing make it more special with a heart filled with gratitude 

©charu gupta and potpourri of life.

Three women in my life

You can call them my best friends

Family, supports or people in my life

They being splendour of strength to me

Three pillars, completing the fourth side

The first one brought me into this world

Another is blood, born to the same mother

And the third is part soul; calls me mommy

I always have these three women for me


© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

Five School Girls

Onlookers can vouch; how pretty they look

A bunch of sunflowers, five school girls!

Sipping through the lime, giggling with joy

Oblivious of surrounds; engrossed in the talks

Glitter in their eyes says it all

Life is beautiful; you believe it or not!

If time can stop and moment can freeze

Someone please click this blissful frame

They still, the same, in their forties

Carefree and sassy school girls at heart!



© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.




Filter coffee

Our trip to Banglore and Ooty last winters was one of the best excursions we had. Although Ooty is famous for its tea and chocolates but it was there we had the best filter coffee. And ever since my husband has been pursuing me to buy ‘South Indian Filter Coffee Drip’ (A stainless steel equipment to make filter coffee).

After ordering it online I started watching YouTube videos to learn the process for the perfect brew. I was wondering how the process makes any difference; you just need milk, sugar and coffee powder or maybe some cream (If taste matters more than calories).

But definitely process makes a huge difference.

For filter coffee, coffee powder needs to stand for hours along with the boiling hot water on the tiny holes of the filter. And then drop by drop we get the concentrated, aromatic decoction of coffee! It’s a matter of patience and the filtration for that purest sip to give you an exuberant experience.

Filter: A process to remove impurities and unwanted material.

How often do you filter your thoughts? Have you filtered people around you? What about filtering your desires and expectations?

Most of us have become conscious about what we consume (eat and use). We check its brand, ingredients, process and expiry date. But we still need to become conscious about filtering the things that our soul needs to consume.

We keep on collecting unwanted emotions, fears and pessimism. We keep on tagging along toxic people. Over the times we accumulate endless desires and expectations. And all these unwanted things make our soul a junkyard; where it becomes difficult to find calmness, happiness and contentment.

Put a filter around your soul and don’t let anything seep in that is capable of contaminating your well-being. It’s not going to be an easy task; it needs lot of willpower and love for one’s self.

Start filtering people around you. Discard those from your life who are filled with negativity, hatred and apathy. Stay away from those who always try to pull your spirits down or have envious traits. Surround yourself with people who are full of positivity, generosity, inspiration and good humour. You don’t need a long list of ‘friends’, few good friends are enough to keep your soul healthy and to give a great taste to life.

Start filtering your desires and expectations. Have realistic and achievable expectations from others. Be self- content. Have goals in life rather than desires and acceptability for people instead of expectations.

Filter your emotions. Just keep those which provide a soothing effect to the soul. Be happy, laugh more and always have an optimistic outlook. It’s not going to eradicate problems from your life but provide you the courage to solve them.

Just put a filter of consciousness around yourself to detox and have a pure self. Enjoy every sip of life and along with it let the grin reach up to the eyes.

© [Charu Gupta] and [Potpourri of life] [2018].

Likes, comments, followers!

I was missing my school time friends. Wondering, what all were doing in life.

Someone suggested opening a Facebook account; it’s easy to search friends on this social site. (Those days I was on sabbatical). It was in January, 2011 that I opened a Facebook account. I was excited, eager and fervent to type names of my sweethearts of grade 2 in the space of search friends.


The lost connection got connected!!

Nothing in this world can beat the bond that you share with your school friends.

This was my debut in the world of social networking. Whatsapp, Twitter and Blog followed.

I was in a different world as if living my school days again! Giggles, chats, video conferences …..crushes and secrets . Facebook and Whatsapp became my best friends as they connected me with my besties.

This continued….. Few months later I was back to job (apart from job of a home maker).

More groups on WhatsApp and more ‘Friends’ on Facebook…

I don’t know when my phone became my extended arm. As if without it I was incomplete. It became my necessity not only personally but also officially.

Facebook works as a holiday destination guide, people sharing pics of their holidays (and dresses), food and fun (reality check is important). And then starts the whirlpool of likes and comments.

More likes and nice comments make your heart swell with pride!

Pictures are clicked not for the memories but for the Facebook upload. Those days are passé when the whole family gathered around a huge album of memories and had discussions on each picture.

You keep on increasing the list of friends on Facebook, all are your friends; near, far and friends of friends. More the merrier. You fell like a celebrity receiving likes and praises for each pose and post. It’s a colossal platform of socializing, you like me I like you, deal!

Wishing ‘Good Morning’ every day to one and all with a different thought and preach has become a routine! Thanks to Whatsapp. And when the same people cross paths, they do not even feel the need to exchange smiles!  You have the right to ignore; even the double blue ticks don’t make the other person liable to response.  Misinterpretation of thoughts and messages are common (You can’t hear the tone and read the face).

On twitter, instagram, blogs you follow them they follow you!

Nothing against for all these social networking sites but the actual connection is lost somewhere. That excitement to meet someone or the pleasure to talk with your friend is fading out in this tech socializing world. You can’t feel the warmth of a handshake through emoticons. You have all sorts of emoticons available to express each emotion but do they really express the emotion that just a look into the eyes can?

Are we connecting more or drifting apart? The whole world looks connected and approachable. Is it true? I admit my gratitude to Facebook, without which, I couldn’t have re-connected with my old buddies.

But, for me, talking to a friend on phone or meeting in person makes me feel more connected than chatting on whatsapp. I miss my old childhood days when we used to spend hours playing together and visiting each other’s home for birthday parties. Thank God Whatsapp was not born till then and joy and sorrow were not captivated into emoticons. Friend list was limited but true. No likes, no comments and no followers defined our friendship.

Hey my school friends! When are we having our next get together?