Three Red Roses

Three blood red roses bloomed

I saw them through the window

One gone when I tried to have another glimpse

By the evening there was only one smiling

I prayed to see it again in the morning

To my happiness it has survived the night

But as the sun went up no rose in the sight

Nor the wind or the sun stole them

It were humans who love beautiful things

And plucked them in admiration!

“It really breaks my heart whenever I see people plucking flowers. How I wish if they could have seen a few more sunrises or maybe smiled for a few more hours!”

© [Charu Gupta] and [Potpourri of life] [2018].

Spring Clean

Let me soak in the sunshine,

Let the breeze blow my hair,

Let me gaze the blooms,

Let the beauty fill within.

Hey Spring! Spread the joy all around.


Month of February is my favourite time of the year. After the shivering winters, the warm rays of sun rejuvenate the body and soul. The moment you step into the not so hot sun of February you feel blessed.

It was 14th Feb. the day to celebrate love! Although for me the whole purpose of life is to celebrate love but yes let it be the special day to rekindle and express love. What could be a better way to celebrate the occasion than visiting a place full of flowers, so I made a plan to visit Mughal Garden (Rashtrapati Bhawan). I declared my Valentines’ wish to my husband and being a dotting husband he instantly agreed.

But my daughter refused to spare a day from her grueling schedule to prepare for her boards. And then my son too did not approve the plan as he wanted to study Math from his dependable pa! So that was the end of the plan! Even though my children are old enough to stay home on their own I still can’t enjoy going out without them.

So the nature hungry soul in me satisfied its appetite by gazing the flowers in park of our society.

February is also a month to spring clean. To open the closed windows and let the fresh air get in. To clear the clutter and reorganize the home. To have greenery around and eradicate weeds from the garden. It’s the time to clean and to make everything look beautiful!

What about Spring cleaning from within?

Isn’t it a good idea to clean the clutter from our heart and soul? To wipe out every speck of dust covering the goodness within.

Don’t hold on the weeds of hatred, grudges, bitterness and antipathy. The more you hold the more you decay. Uproot them as soon as possible. These weeds are not going to harm the person for whom you have grown them but will gradually cover the beauty of your own soul. The more you feed these weeds with the false ego, the more poisonous they become and ultimately kill your own happiness and goodness.

It’s time to immediately throw away all the unwanted thoughts and feelings. Let your heart be a beautiful garden filled with flowers of positivity, good vibes and love.

You are a pure and gorgeous soul. Uncover the layers of negativity and glow from inside.

As you are on this cleaning spree, make sure that you guard everything around and within so that no one can throw their garbage or plant their weeds in your clean space. There are a few around who want to make your garden as full of weeds as their own. Be cautious! Gift them a lovely flower plant!

Let there be flowers all around,

Let in every heart Spring be found!