From an Observer’s Eye

WARNING:  People with fragile EGO and those who take everything personally, please refrain from reading this article.

It’s fun to observe people with different personalities, attributes and ideologies. Please take note: fun to “observe” not fun to deal with many a times! But yes, we all have equal rights to follow our beliefs and behave as per our will.

Every day at our workplace or in the community we meet and work with various people; each one is unique in their own way.

As I said it’s fun to observe them so here I’m presenting a potpourri of people I have worked with in last 18 years; who have added a unique flavor and spice to the life! (Still if you want to read further and ignore the warning then please read on at your own risk and enjoy!)

The Fault Finders: They are always on a lookout to find faults in whatever you do, say, think and even wear! They are of the opinion that they know it all! But they are my favourite! They actually help you to be accurate and alert in your work. They push you so much against the wall that you really excel (Although this is not their motive).

I knew it First! : You dare share an idea in front of “I knew it First” types, they will make it theirs and even claim that they have done it before! Any News or gossip must reach them first and even if you know it before them, never utter it; it won’t earn you any brownie points but make you subject to their wrath. “I knew it First” are also self-proclaimed leaders after all they want to be the first in the line!

Agony Aunt: They have solution to every problem under the sun irrespective whether it’s personal or professional. And they love doing this. They are in house counselors and easily reachable. They have an opinion about everyone. They can predict, calculate and forecast anyone’s next move! (They can actually make fortune in the astrology business!)

Friends in benefit: They can be sweet as honey and bitter like bitter gourd according to their needs. You can’t rely on them in the times of need. They believe in ‘no permanent friend and no permanent enemy’. They often change teams as per the requirement. Generally you will find them with a smile and sugar coated tongue. (Be cautious!)

I, Me, Myself (selfie people): Harmless people, not bothered about other’s business. Self-obsessed and work at their pace. Their presence or absence doesn’t make much difference. They believe in minimum work and maximum me time!

The Active Volcanoes : Ready to erupt even at a minor tremor. Feel offensive very often. Frowning face and ever ready for a brawl. (As if they are bothered with the whole universe! Finger on your lips when they are around!)

PR Agencies! : Contacts matter! Peon to the Director… they are in touch with all. Your family and professional history are on their tips. They are smart to get any information and work done. Spend a lot of time in collecting personal facts. They know how to please. Always at the right place at the right time! (Do they have great PR even at home? If yes, great!) 

Silent Workers: They are the actual pillars of any organization. They work like donkeys and rarely applauded. No gossips, no complaints; they quietly do their allotted work and leave. (Rare type. Make your life little more happening guys!)

The Cry Babies: They have complaints about everyone and everything from colleagues to management, from weather to roads! You name it and they have it. Never happy or satisfied. (Their biggest complaint is life! Count your blessings guys.)

May I help you: Very rare type but yes if you are lucky enough you might get the opportunity to work with them.

The Limelight Hoggers: They work better under the arc lights. They are the attention seekers and love to take the center stage. They know how to lobby their work and often indulge in self-praise. Such types have the tact to sideline others in the team. (Deep inside we all crave for the center stage!)

The Provokers, The Pleasers and the list goes on……..

Now the big question is… in which category do I fall?

I guess I’m a bit of all. I should rather leave it to the people I have worked with.

This is the potpourri of life; sometimes crisp and sometimes soft, a bit sweet, a bit sour, a dash of chilli, a pinch of salt and tangy at times and bursting with flavours just like chaat!