Three women in my life

You can call them my best friends

Family, supports or people in my life

They being splendour of strength to me

Three pillars, completing the fourth side

The first one brought me into this world

Another is blood, born to the same mother

And the third is part soul; calls me mommy

I always have these three women for me


© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

A house moving in a truck

Balcony of a house is of so much utility. To hang washed clothes on the string. Some pots with plants- herbs, climbers and flowers. To watch children play hopscotch; giggle and chase the street. Cars parked in the parking lot, some cars are on the run leaving the slot empty. Breathe in- breathe out and feel the early morning gust of fresh air. Sipping through the hot cup and hearing the rhythmic chirp of the sparrows. Gazing at the vast endless clear sky which will soon turn grey as the day approaches (colour of pollution), Waving at the known sprinting on the road.

Balcony is the most happening place of a house, isn’t it?

There is one more interesting thing that you can do from your balcony- watch the houses moving in or moving out in a truck!

Through my balcony I have witnessed many such trucks either to unload the house or to load the house for a new home. Have you ever observed the goods being unloaded from the truck? They tell you most of the things about the family who has just shifted in.

Recently a huge truck came with a house to unload. Five workers to unload the truck and to diligently place the belongings in their new home. Each item was packed in a brown carton box or covered in bubble wrapping, and labeled- KITCHEN ITEMS/ TOILETRIES/ GLASSWARE/ STATIONERY/ UTENSILS….and many more boxes. This family is very fond of reading; how do I know? Just noticed a huge carton labeled- STORY BOOKS.

I was not able to clearly make out whether it’s a Bengali or a South Indian family but the simple and the traditional style of the furniture made me guess that it was one of them. (Somehow I’m more attracted towards rustic and humble living.)

The proper segregation and labeling of the goods tells that the family is organized.

A worker took down a pram and kept it near the bicycle. Means there is a toddler and a boy around 8- 10 years old! (Clue- height, colour, and design of the bicycle)

Then came down a wheel chair…..oh! Someone has problem moving around; an old person suffering with arthritis or just had a knee surgery, I’ll come to know later.

Pots of different sizes painted in bright colours grabbed my attention. To my amusement all were planted with cactus! I counted the number- 14 in all. But why cactus? Any new feng shui tip? Or some philosophical idea of someone in the family.

Swiftly but carefully all the five workers shifted the house from the truck into the four walls which will be a home soon! A happy, sweet home with its own values, ideologies and liveliness!

Each time when a truck uploads or unloads, I feel happy for the family; at least something is going to change in their life, at least they are moving. Why? Where? Doesn’t matter to me. Movement is life! And a day will come when my house will also move in a truck to a new place, to a new land! Till then let me enjoy all the happenings around through my balcony.