She has reclaimed her space back!

I was astonished to see the deep red rose

Still smiling bright on the top of the bush

It was there, yesterday and the day before too

No eying eyes and prying hands in sight

Nothing less than a miracle to live so long

As if it has reclaimed its space back!

I was strolling down all alone on the street

Never heard so much silence ever in the city

Only some light pouring down the windows

And a kitten resting in the centre of the road

No fear to be shooed away by marching feet

As if it has reclaimed its space back!

I was in my balcony, sipping ginger tea

Sky was too blue with no mourning cloud

Unusual sight of flocks happily rushing all-around

Breeze felt so light, all burdens it had shed

You can hear the Mother Nature giggling

As if she has reclaimed her space back!

© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.





Love Affair

She was waiting endlessly without a blink

All covered with grey; remorse stuck on her face

Lifeless life, dusty eyes, blistering breath

Desiccated face; her beauty covered in gales

Longing for the pour to quench the clogging thirst

Ah! The sudden splatter on her scorching soul  

Oohing with a shiver; releasing a hazy huff

She can feel the sprinkle of love!

A drop of faith that he will never betray

How beautiful she looks under his adoration

Miles of separation and destined not to meet

But nothing can stop their love to reach

As she will always look up with all the trust

And his love will rain down to embrace her!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.







My geography teacher Mrs. Sen told us a fact

Once upon a time there was only one land!

No Asia, Russia or America as such

All the landmasses joined in one bunch

‘Pangaea’ it was called;

300 million years away when no human was found

Imagine for a while, what if humans existed at that time!

Worldians, Earthians or simply Humans to be called

No countries, languages or religions to divide

‘World is a family’ would be the tag line!

My imagination is really going wild;

Pandas, kangaroos, Tigers and Koalas could roam in any wild

No claim on the wonders of the world;

Jointly they would be each human’s pride!

How cool it would be to wander without visa

Dollars, Dirham, Yen or Rupees all would mean the same

No fuss over food, colour or name

Ahh! Just an imagination of my insane mind

Tectonic plates trembled and drifted apart

And Mrs Sen is now on chapter 10;

Teaching about continents, countries and floated lands!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.





People in the mall, people on the road

You meet them, greet them, hate them, love them

In the bus, on the plane, office or the park

Every tiny piece of Earth full of faces

But have you seen their soul?

They guard their soul with a mask

Mask tightly glued, without any clue of soul

Many masks for different people, different occasions

Sad souls wear happy masks

Jealous disguise in a friendly mask

Poor in riches and evil in angels

Fragile and weak appear strong

All are safe-guarding the real soul

As if they are petrified to reveal their actual self

I wonder how they breathe, choking the soul

And gradually the soul dies behind the mask

An anonymous life we all live with no identity; just the mask

People everywhere without the real face

Just the masks to see hanging firmly on the soul…….

Imagine one day the soul revolts

With all the force, pulls the mask off

Ending all the anguish and show itself out

A true person living with a real face

How beautiful the soul is without the mask!

© [Charu Gupta] and [Potpourri of life] [2018].