Mamma’s Love

While walking I got talking

With a teenage chubby boy

Huffed and puffed all sweat scuffed

Slacking on the fitness track

Hey dear! Not seen you before

Yes aunty, I’m new on this shore

Well, I can see your mamma’s love

Rounded you in each possible curve!

Oops! I had embarrassed the boy!

He just managed a crony smile

And here he exposed the hidden treasure

All whites with black patches

Some pits filled and some just drilled!

Oh dear! I guess you are fond of fizz

Chocolates, cheese and ice-creams

Yesss! I love them all!

Happy or sad, fail or pass

My mamma always ready to treat

I smirked and took a lead

 Left behind the boy struggling on his feet

How deprived my children are

Of such motherly love!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.