Don’t put candles on the cake

Hey! Don’t mess my cake with the candles

Oh, you want to hide your age!

No. I want to highlight the cake

By the way how old are you?

You mean to say how much I have lived?

Yeah…are you 43 or 44..

Nah…I am much older than this

Oh really! So what’s your real age?

I think I’m ten rainbows old

Maybe thousands of sunrises

Sunsets are much more

You can add five thousand rains

I’m sorry couldn’t count the stars

But moons would be ten times thousand

Oceans, river and mountains one full fist

Add seasons, festivals and the picnics

Don’t forget my friends and family

Uff! I can’t tell you my exact age

You know I am very poor with math

Let it be whatever you what to believe

Just don’t put candles on the cake

Life tastes good when you stop counting the age!


© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.


Am I Growing Old?

What’s in the name, Shakespeare said

What’s in the age is the real quest! 

“Don’t behave like a five year old kid; come on grow up!” I heard a mother telling her twelve year old (appeared to me physically) son in the park. “Stop playing with the sand; go and play cricket with children your age” instructed the mother.

Yes, how you behave depends on your age. Is it? Yes, it is.. otherwise you will be termed as a moron, immature and if you act smarter than your age then you will be called too mature or ahead of your age.

So, to sound normal you must conduct yourself according to your chronicle age.

I wonder whether I’m normal or abnormal because many a times I forget to keep my age in mind before expressing myself. I’m a mother of two grown up kids (as per the parameter of chronicle aging) but I hardly feel the pressure to act like a ‘mother’ all the time. Is something wrong with me!?

I admit- The society, my parents and other people of my age made me believe that I must behave in a particular manner, to look responsible, caring and sensible. And most of the time I follow the notion.

My honest self- I don’t feel the age! I love licking my plate after finishing my favourite food like a five year old! I love tickling and teasing my kids like their friends do! I love being romantic with my husband like a teenager! I talk to my teenage daughter like her elder sister! I still crave to stay in company of my parents and siblings!

I’m growing old in numbers but my tastes, emotions and feelings are not ageing; I still cry when it hurts (emotionally). I go mad on trivial things and each emotion clearly reflects through my face.

According to my philosophy how you act depends on your experiences and learnings, age has nothing to do with it. Emotions and feelings that develop in a person remain the same irrespective of age. A fifty year old guy can be as romantic as a teenager. And there’s always a child living within us with an urge to do some mischief or fun. We must not burden ourselves with the idea to always act according to our chronicle age. You might have cut fifty birthday cakes so far but your heart may be just twenty five years old and mentally you may sound a sixty year experienced person.

Forget the age, follow your heart. Life is not in the numbers but in the way you live it without any pretense.

Time to blow some candles and cut my favourite cake; time to celebrate the day when life was gifted to me. Am I growing old? Well, who cares… 🙂


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.