After the Covid vocabulary, the overtly used words are ‘together’ ‘united’, and ‘good citizen’. I was asking myself am I a good citizen? I am a law-abiding person, never broke any rule (never jumped a red light even on the deserted road). I pay tax on time. I practice my right to vote. I respect fellow countrymen irrespective of their religion or region. I do not harm public property.

(check out to know duties of a good citizen)

I am still confused, am I a good citizen?

And the reason for this confusion is whenever I point out what I feel is not right, people start telling me- “be a good citizen!” Whenever I express my disagreement with the policies or actions by the people selected by us (by the people), I am told – “be a good citizen!”

Is this phrase a homonym (same word with different meanings)? Or the phrase has changed its meaning over time? It sounds like- “shut up!” “Just follow the representatives of the country” “you are living in a democratic country but you dare not express your view!” So, essentially being a good citizen means playing dumb. 

 0And the other words ‘together’ or ‘united’, “we should work together to fight this pandemic”, “we need to be united in this crises”, “People and the government need to be together and united to deal with the present situation”

Seriously! Why do we need to be together or united only during the situations like this pandemic?? Don’t we need to be united always?

Divide and rule! This mantra was given by the British who ruled us for 200 years and our own representatives voted by us are following it to the T. They divide and like morons, we let them divide.

Unity, togetherness, and good citizen look like an illusion, a blindfold to ignore reality, a far-fetched dream.

Together we fought a battle against the British for freedom. Are we willing to rise again to be united in reality?

©Charu Gupta and potpourri of life.

Revive Your Conscience

We all know our present depends on the choices we had made in the past. Someone had made a choice to divide the earth into countries, people into castes and God into religions. Someone had made a choice to make nuclear weapons. This country made a choice to rule that country. That group made a choice to oppress this group. And we kept on making the choices to create this present world. Have we made the right choices? Only one person can tell and that is you!

Humans come with a navigating system called conscience, it tells us whether we are on the right path or on the wrong track. Our conscience always warns us whenever we turn in the wrong direction and gives us ‘go ahead’ if we are heading right. That means our conscience always makes the right choice? Yes! Then why is there so much anguish, hatred and destruction in the present world?

Because our conscience is not conscious. Some put it into slumber that is next to dead. Some people’s conscience is in a state of drowsiness; it may work sometimes. Few have fully awake conscience and it ensures that they are always on the right path.

Just imagine a world where all the choices are made by our conscience – watchful, alive and mindful!

We all need to overhaul our conscience to witness serene and beautiful sights on this journey of life and make this world a kinder place.

© Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

Now the circle is complete….

You throttled me to croak

And burnt my clan alive

You smouldered me to choke

And uprooted my life!

You unheard my call for help

And my pleads were snubbed

I waited for ages for you to realise

I’m the life that you breathe

Let me live so that you could survive

You were busy building concrete

On the ashes of my woods

I was still shouting to ‘stop’

And warned for the collapse

You were madly on the spree

To construct by destructing me

Now the circle is complete….

You are gasping for breath

And caged in your jungle of concrete

© Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

आज कुछ नया गिनते हैं

दुख गिनने बैठो तो खत्म ही नहीं होते
शिकायतें भी अनगिनत हैं
चलो आज कुछ और गिनते हैं
दोस्ती के डब्बे में दोस्त गिनते हैं
अपने सर पर रखी दुआएं गिनते हैं
जिंदगी की गुल्लक में हंसी गिनते हैं
पेड़, तारे, बादल, तितलियाँ गिनते हैं
चलो आज कुछ नया गिनते हैं!

Life is a beautiful blessing make it more special with a heart filled with gratitude 

©charu gupta and potpourri of life.

माना दुख पहाड़ सा खड़ा है

माना दुख पहाड़ सा खड़ा है,
माना अंधेरा काली रात सा घना है,
माना निराशा, बेबसी घेरे है,
माना उम्मीद दम तोड़ रही है,
पर मानों, प्रकृति का नियम कड़ा है,
पौ फटेगी और अंधेरा छटेगा,
स्वास है, जीवन है, जीवित हो,
निराशा की ज़मीन पर बारिश गिरेगी,
और आशा का बीज निष्चित उगेगा!

©charu gupta and potpourri of life.

I am a misfit!

Here I declare if you care to read…

I’m a misfit in the society of ‘elites’

Not part of any ‘group’ for ‘identity’

I don’t hangout to feel ‘accepted’

You ‘like’ me, I ‘like’ you is not for me

I’m a misfit in the society of ‘look happy’

FB or Insta can’t measure my worth

I don’t decorate myself to upload

Maybe this is too much of truth…

No blind faith in person or party

Humanity I choose in the war of religions

Yes! You can call me a misfit!

© 2021 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

एक रह चुनी है मैंने

एक राह चुनी है मैंने,
जहां भीड़ बड़ी कम थी।
छांव को दरख़्त नहीं,
मिट्टी थोड़ी नम थी।
कुछ शोर यहां से चीखा,
“बेवकूफ़ हो, कुछ नहीं कर पाओगे”
कुछ आवाजें वहां से आईं,
“चलते रहो, कुछ मन का कर जाओगे”
एक ने ज़िद्द बढ़ाई, दूसरे ने हिम्मत,
मेरे इरादों की बुलंदी को दोनों ही काम आए!

©charu gupta and potpourri of life.

I believe in God

I believe in God but not in the idols you created

I believe in religion but as ‘humanity’

I believe in prayers but not diluted by rituals

I believe God exists but not kept in structures

 God is in you, within me and with me

My strength, my hope, belief and the truth

Don’t call me a Hindu, Muslim or Christian

Dare not spread hate in the name of my God

You can’t cage him in colours, books or symbols

He is a drop in the ocean, the breath and the universe

I am a free soul and so is my God.

© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.