I am blank….

I am blank….

Nothingness enveloped everything

Thoughts vanished without a trace

Calmness never felt so unsettling

Emptiness occupied the mind

I am numb….

Grief diffused into the air

Stationed destinies refuse to change

Confined life clogging to live

Clasped hope kneeled down in fear


I am a seed…

Buried deep down in the gloom

Waiting in the endless wait

A drop of water, warmth and the sun

Certainly will shoot up again!

I in the times of this pandemic’s overdose

© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.



15 thoughts on “I am blank….

  1. Waow. Everybody seems to be reeling under a depression of sorts. Even me. But I’m glad atleast some of us haven’t yet given up hope. Our battle is still on, how can we resign to failure already !

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