Changed Plans

Almost two and a half months back…

This year seems to be a year to fulfil our dreams or rather move in the direction towards a good change. Finally all the desires were converting into reality. To begin with our daughter got a summer internship with a renowned organisation in New York with a decent remuneration. Her tickets were booked for a short trip back home. We had reserved a five days holiday in the mountains to surprise her. Though I was doing a lot of online work but wanted to restart my job as a teacher and I got one with a reputed school; I was super excited! And the cherry on the top was an offer to buy one of our properties at a profitable price (people who know us personally can understand why we need so much money). Apart from these personal look forwards there were many reasons to be happy in 2020.

25th March, 2020

The pandemic took over the world and India went into a complete lockdown. International flights were cancelled till uncertain period. Schools were shut and classes went online. Summer internship contracts were annulled. Most of the businesses were held up.

All our plans collapsed without warning!

One by one all that we had planned was disapproved by destiny. I had never felt so much helplessness in life. In just a couple of days life took a different turn. Everything blurred and became uncertain. Days overlapping without date and time, life was choked but you were still living.

Now what next?

A firm belief that everything will be fine and God has better plans. A spore of hope germinated after many days of gloominess. Some voice inside me whispered…there is a reason for the changed plans and unfulfilled desires. And the voice was right! There was a purpose of my daughter’s cancelled flight and internship, her time and energies were needed more by her aunt (my sister). That is another story of my sister’s failed plans which I’m not discussing here. Just to mention she is suffering with some medical issue (not covid-19) and needs a support for daily activities. We are at peace at least my daughter is there to help as no one in the family could fly in the current scenario.

Now I’m moving with the belief that our plans are not failed or disapproved but changed. Patiently waiting and praying to see the sign board on the path to reveal our purpose. One more thing….life does not need a fool proof blueprint. It surprises you at every turn so just keep moving with the trust…plans do change and everything will be fine.


© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.

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