Don’t put candles on the cake

Hey! Don’t mess my cake with the candles

Oh, you want to hide your age!

No. I want to highlight the cake

By the way how old are you?

You mean to say how much I have lived?

Yeah…are you 43 or 44..

Nah…I am much older than this

Oh really! So what’s your real age?

I think I’m ten rainbows old

Maybe thousands of sunrises

Sunsets are much more

You can add five thousand rains

I’m sorry couldn’t count the stars

But moons would be ten times thousand

Oceans, river and mountains one full fist

Add seasons, festivals and the picnics

Don’t forget my friends and family

Uff! I can’t tell you my exact age

You know I am very poor with math

Let it be whatever you what to believe

Just don’t put candles on the cake

Life tastes good when you stop counting the age!


© 2020 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.


12 thoughts on “Don’t put candles on the cake

      1. My pleasure!!! I seriously think the next time someone asks me my age I may break out in an “about 3000 swims in the ocean!” or such! That’s so genius! I don’t even mind telling my age at all….that’s just so much more fun and really puts what’s valuable into perspective! And Thanks! Enjoy life as well! I think You truly are!!! ❤️🙏🏼🤗

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      2. Seriously, life is a one time offer enjoy it to the fullest! I’m a nature loving mantra is- let nature consume me or let me consume it. I am glad you could connect with my thoughts 😊 love and live till it lasts!

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