Summer vacations and kids- What would be your reaction for this combo?  Well, for kids it’s their big slice of ‘me time’! Holiday home work, travel, food and fun; and of course, lots of stories! They want to fill their heart with delight to the brim as if life is now and in this very moment (lot to learn from kids!).

And for parents what does this combo mean?

Keeping kids engaged and constructively charged during long vacations is a titanic task and currently I’m doing the exact same thing! Somehow I managed pretty well with my son’s desires for the perfect vacations except one!

The never ending WHY!

I don’t know how I managed, as a teacher, to answer every ‘why’ of each student with a smile and immense endurance but when it comes to my own child my tolerance goes for a toss!

I know it’s good to be inquisitive but come on; you can’t field each ‘Why’ with equal precision and patience.

“Why does FIFA happen once in four years?”

“Why did Messi miss the penalties?”

“Why can’t I play outside whenever I want?”

“Why do you allow more screen time to didi?”

“Why don’t you allow us to have chips more often?”

It’s a never ending attack of ‘Whys’ without any option to duck!

Difficult task, isn’t it?

But the irony is that we are always ready to ask ‘Whys’ in life….. just try to recall how many ‘Whys’ do we ask in a day?

Why is this happening to me? Why don’t I have a big home? Why my child has not scored as good marks as my friend’s did? Why my life is not as I wished it to be? Why God has not blessed me with a child? Why am I not as beautiful as my sister? Why am I suffering with this disease even when I lead a healthy life? Why do I have so much of struggle in life? Why is my child ‘specially-abled’? Why everything bad happens only to me? Why am I not happy?

Aren’t you fed-up of asking!?

One day wake up and decide – I will not ask any more whys from life.

Stop trying to find logic and stop being judgmental of the turns, ups and downs in life. Just take each challenge in your stride and keep on striking each ball coming towards you with vigor. We all are players with different style of playing; sometimes it’s a boundary and maybe the very next ball will be a catch.

Not every Why has an answer and the day we stop asking questions from life; we’ll be happy!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.


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