Who has shrunk the melons!?

Chill it in the fridge, dice it or slice it, sprinkle some black salt and the juicy sweet watermelon is ready to beat the summer heat. And this is what we were doing on the Sunday afternoon; gorging on the super healthy and super delicious watermelon.

Whenever we sit for a treat of melons I go down the memory lane and those wonderful days of childhood flash before my eyes. Watermelons come in summers and summers also mean long vacations. When I was a child, summer holidays used to mean a visit to my maternal and paternal aunts. Playing with cousins, munching the whole day and non-stop laughter; it was the carefree time of the year. No worries absolutely of anything! Ludo, carom and cards were the best indoor games those days. Unlimited supply of mango shakes, shikanji (lemonade), ice- creams and of course big watermelons! I remember my uncle used to get huge watermelons and melons taste good when chilled but the size of melons were so big that keeping them in the fridge was tough.

But we needed red, juicy, sweet and chilled watermelon!

So, watermelons used to be immersed in a big bucket filled with water and ice. And there was another innovative option which I feel was environment friendly as well – a dessert cooler!!!

Those days air conditioners were not very prevalent and dessert coolers were popular and affordable. Many a times my uncle would place a huge watermelon in the water tank of the desert cooler in the afternoon. Cooler served double purpose – chill the air and the melon! In the evening all kids and grown-ups (nothing less than 15 in number.. sometimes even more!) used to savour the red, juicy, sweet and chilled melon together!

“I don’t believe you mommy; I have never seen such big melons”

“It’s true. Search it on Google” (Google knows it all… that’s what tech savvy generation thinks)

“Okay, then who has shrunk the melons?”

Well, the families shrunk and so did the melons.

No more visits to the mausies and buas (aunts) during vacations; no more games and laughter with cousins. Sitting together with cousins, aunts and uncles for the humble treat of melons is a figment of imagination now. No one wants the big melons nowadays. Joint families are not in fashion anymore.

And the good thing is you can chill the melons in the fridge. (sad)

Reducing size of the families shrunk the melon.

© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.




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