When the wrong number went right!

Yesterday my phone went crazy

I dialed for mommy

And it connected me to daddy!

“Hello! is everything fine!” an anxious voice on the other side

“Oooh, yes!” only this I fumbled

“How are you papa?” I mumbled

We chatted for a while and papa said, “Mommy will call you in some time”

There was some work to be discussed with a colleague

And I dialed again but it was someone else on the other hand

“Hhhhiiii! What a pleasant surprise dear, where have you been all these years!”

A friend, with whom I had lost the connection

My crazy phone connected us again in a random action!

“How’s the life buddy?” was all I could ask, did not know from where to start!

Little this, little that, a little conversation we had

I was really amused what craziest things my phone was doing

Very consciously the next number I dialed

I wanted to call a parent but I heard a child’s voice on the other side!

“Good evening Ma’am”, “please don’t tell my mother about the mischief”

“I promise not to trouble in the class, pleeeeasee! Just the last chance!”

My heart melted with his innocence, “Don’t worry, just enjoy!” I grinned and said “bye”

No more phone calls will be the best; I think my phone needs some rest!

So guys, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and make some unexpected calls!

Just like that- Bitten by the poetry bug, poet in me is waking up!


© [Charu Gupta] and [Potpourri of life] [2018].


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