Morning Walk

Sometimes a small opportunity or privilege like morning walks could be a great pleasure in life; which I am enjoying these days. Every morning my husband and I select a park in vicinity for the walk and to gasp some fresh air. There are four parks near our society to choose from and the Triangular Park (owing to its shape) is my favourite.

Morning walks are real treat for all the senses. And for me it’s the most happening and lively part of the day, it fills me with gusto to be happy and creative!

Morning walk in the Triangular Park.

As you enter the park you see people of all sizes and ages. Walking and sprinting on the jogging track adorned with flowers, trees and plants.

I wish they could exchange pleasantries! Even with the strangers, happiness and positivity are infectious!

You will find many groups engaged in various activities in the smaller green patches around the track. Laughing club members’ laughter echoes and passersby can feel its vibration in their body. A group of ladies practicing yoga in silence; all concentrated and oblivious from the world around. A group owing alliance to a particular religious ideology, playing kho-kho and catch-the-ring (Age group 12- 60 and above!), often seen doing some drill practice with long sticks.

I don’t mind whatever religion or ideology you follow as far as you are doing something constructive to engage today’s youth in the right direction.

There is a rustic charm to this Park. The caretaker’s family lives in a corner of the park and just one look at their home, appearance and belongings makes you longing for more gazes. The smoke from the earthen stove and the appetizing aroma coming from the sizzling pot, heap of rotties (chappatis) make you really hungry!

Every time I pass by this earthen life I think of sitting there and learning the recipe but don’t have enough guts to disturb their bliss. (Yes! It’s a bliss to which this family is ignorant).

Stray dogs jumping, playing and chasing in the heap of dry leaves at a corner of the park – the crushing sound of the leaves is a soulful music. If you observe carefully, they have a set pattern and rules to their game of leaf crushing!

The child in me fights with the aged mind to jump into the heap, and enjoy the crackling, crumpling rustle of the leaves.

One day I saw a very old couple walking hand in hand as if balancing each other’s walk. So much of love, so much of trust! You can make out that they are best of friends and companions till the end!

I looked at my husband, as if asking him- will you be always by my side as my best friend? And his look said it all….

Life does not always teaches you a lesson, many a times it asks you to sit back and just enjoy pleasures that it offers in small little things like…..Morning walk!

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