Finding God, the search continues…..

I am a Hindu according to the society as I’m born and brought up in a Hindu family. Following the conventional path, got married to a Hindu.

Religious beliefs and rituals are so strongly imbibed into our minds that we follow them without questioning or doubting. This is true for all the religions and faiths.

I remember going to the various temples and holy shrines with my parents. The best one was and still is visiting the Hanuman temple on Tuesdays not because I have devotion towards Hanuman but to savor the special Prasad of boondi!  In Hinduism it is believed that there are thirty three crore deities. (As a child I was amazed with the thought that there is a place somewhere in the universe to accommodate this huge number of deities!) The year round calendar is booked to celebrate their birthdays and weddings.

It’s told to a child that there is a supreme power up above the sky controlling all the good, bad and evil situations in our life. So you have to respect, praise and please that Lord in order to have health, wealth and fame.

There are ways to please God and if you do it rightly may be one day you will find God. (I really want to meet Hanuman and take a selfie with him.)

Keep fast on so and so day to please the Lord. (At least someone in the world will not die due to hunger by my going hungry). Different days of different Deities for different purposes. For example if you will fast on Mondays you will get a groom with all the good values, money and family. (I also kept many during my college days. Hey! My dear husband, Are you the result of that?)

Feed priests sitting in the temples with best of the meals irrespective of the occasion, birth or death doesn’t matter.  (Oh my God, aren’t they worried about their ever growing paunch!!).

Offer money to God. Let God’s saving account grow. The more it grows, the more chances of your saving account to grow. (Don’t waste a penny on a talented poor child; God is there to take care).

Praising the Lord is very important and you must praise him loudly. Use loud speakers to play devotional songs. And to please him more you can also use a Bollywood number, just change a few words. (We have SRK fans everywhere, even in the heaven). Don’t worry about the ailing neighbour or the child who has an exam next day. God will help them. You keep praising the Lord, loudly!

Build a huge house (temple) for God, it will make him happy! May be one day he decides to visit Earth! (Let the homeless poor people live on the footpath and sleep under the sky, God will take care!)

And if you find it difficult to follow any of the above ways then don’t worry. There are many God men available according to your budget to assist you in finding God. (Many are on a holiday at government’s expenditure!)

All religious groups are working overtime to find God. It’s a huge search party. The race is on; let’s see who will click the first selfie with God! (We are tech savvy people!)

I believe in God.

What about me! Which search party shall I join or what way shall I follow to please the God?

Honestly this whole concept of finding God is very difficult for my crazy mind to understand.  I do follow few of the rituals imbibed into my mind by my parents. I keep fast for my husband and kids. I bow down my head in prayer.

I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong but I believe my God is within me, who tells me to lend a helping hand to a person in need. Respect every person irrespective of their status, colour or religion. Feed the one who knows what hunger actually is.

If God, which all these religious groups are searching, exists, I would like to offer a prayer to him – There shall come a day, when we all wake up one morning, disremembering our religious labels. Let only humans and humanity prevail!


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