The day before and the day ahead

Just live in between! Happiness is the keyword on the quizlet of life. If what you do brings happiness to you or people around… go for it!



My Teacher

Have you ever met such a ruthless teacher?

Who is stubborn, unceasing till you learn

No mercy or respite until your lesson is right

Time, place or age nothing bounds her

You like it or not; a tough coach she is

Kicks really hard; dare you refuse to learn

But she is not always harsh; soft at core  

Love, blessings and peace for the diligent

Who has nerve to pass the tests

And leap through the hurdles she lays

I salute to this greatest teacher

Who else but the life!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.





And she left behind…

And she left behind the empty cupboard,

Her favourite cushion and overused dresses.

She took away all her shoes, combs and pins

Leaving back vacant drawers and clear shelves

With all the emptiness filled in her room;

I sit on her favored side of the bed

Starring at the pot she painted bright

Some quotes and notes pinned to the board

Not all she took; bits of memories are left behind

Oh! She forgot to pack her honors and awards

Maybe she knew she’ll earn many more to show.


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.






Put on the armor, hold the sword firm

Look straight into the enemy’s eyes

Control your racing beats and mind

And a sharp stroke to kill your fear down!

This is what I told my son last night when he was petrified to sit alone in the living room. He wanted to read a few more pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while the three of us called it a day and left for our rooms. He was scared of darkness outside and solitude inside. He quickly turned off the light and came running to our bedroom.

“What happened? You wanted to read na…”

“No, I am feeling sleepy….”

“I don’t believe! You are feeling sleepy in front of Harry Potter!”

After lot of intruding, he admitted that he is afraid of dark and staying up alone.

Now it was my turn to scare the fear out of him and together we actually did that!

We all have our sets of fears and phobias; monsters, who rise from within to swallow us. Every now and then, we fight our fears and many a times live with them, sometimes surrender to them.

I also had many fears and still have some but in last couple of years I have realized ‘fear’ only attacks those who fear! So, the trick is not to fear your fear.

The greatest fear in my life was of losing the loved ones and some big fear like- phobia of syringes and blood donation.  I remember, how my parents and the nurse needed to overpower me to vaccinate. The sight of needles freezes the nerves inside me! Poor husband, he suffered all the humiliation of onlookers when I yelled and screamed for each shot during both my pregnancies.

Frequent blood tests (thanks to my thyroid) made me realize; the more I face it the more fearless I become.

I was nineteen when I lost my grandmother, my dearest friend! I couldn’t drag myself towards her death bed and was totally in disbelief. It took over a year to accept the fact. 

After five years of marriage, a bond of affection and trust started developing between my mother-in-law and me; who knew I had only three more years with her. Her demise made me realize, one should never take time for granted; death never gives any notice and life is lived in the moments.

I would not say that now I don’t fear of losing my dear ones, that will always be there but I have stopped looking at it. As if it does not exist, now I value their presence and the time I spend with them even more.

Combat your fear and make sure it doesn’t frighten you.

Many I have killed, many still to conquer;

Dare the fear, fear me; soon I’ll battle it out!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life




Dear Teacher,

With all my collected nerves; I make a request

Could you please swap homework with classwork?

As homework takes long and Mommy needs to explain

I hardly get time to play; my evenings are no fun!

If you don’t feel offended, can I appeal?

Please slowdown to breathe between the lessons

You are always rushing on a treadmill!

Copying from the textbooks make my fingers ache

So much of writing makes me really pale!

I wish learning could be a movie or maybe a game

No weights on my shoulders and no fear to fail!

Yours sincerely

(A student somewhere in India)

Reply from a Teacher

My dear Student,

Trust me my dear; I totally understand your plea

But I’m no more a teacher; I’m just an employee

I have targets to achieve and deadlines to meet!

Many hats to wear all through the day

Teaching in the classroom, just a slight part

How much I miss ‘teaching’ my conscious knows

Rushing through the lessons, is not my wish

Hope you understand my compulsion

I can’t oblige your request until mine received

Yours Truly

(A teacher somewhere in India)

Hoping for a revolution in Indian education system….. hope it will serve ‘education’ soon.


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life










Story that breathes

I opened my eyes to the world of stories

Each guise is a story that breathes

Living tales of hundreds and millions

I read a few and felt the same

Different characters, dresses and scenes

Inscribed in altered words but all synonyms

Shuffle the sequence; shake a bit

After some reads; you can guess the game

All leading to a predictable close!

What’s the fun without some sudden turn?

Don’t want my story to be familiar stuff

I bet, can’t predict the words as you read

Unpredictable tales are my favourite ones!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.











Tit- for- Tat

Our evenings are usually quite busy and the last one was nothing new. Over the years spent in multi-tasking, now I realize; it only makes you sick instead of any better. But having said that, I still have to apply my mind on couple of things at the same time and use my motor skills to perform poles apart tasks in one go.

I was physically in the kitchen, preparing dinner with my ear glued to the phone; I was checking on my papa’s health. And in the background my son was continuously questioning regarding his Hindi assignment! Not because of choice but out of necessity many a times we have to multi- task, especially when ‘being on time’ is in our DNA.

If that’s not enough on hands; the landline rang. “Go, answer the call, must be your friend” I asked my son.

I was right. After a very brief chat he got back to his work.

“Who was that?”

“Oh, nothing, my friend was absent today and now he wants me to whatsapp todays class work to him”.

“Okay, send the work through my phone”.

“No, I need not to”.


“Because, when I asked him to share the classwork two days back, he didn’t. Why should I share?”

Fair enough, isn’t it? We must behave the way the other does!

Most of us apply this formula in life to equate the equation. If you help me then only I’ll help you, you ignore me I’ll also ignore you. We do this to keep our self- respect intact; self-respect or EGO? A fine line that often merges. Tit for tat; we follow this phrase literary.

While passing through the office lobby, my colleague simply ignored the eye contact and passed by me without exchanging pleasantries and my super self-respect warned me to never ever wish this arrogant colleague. I lost a part of my cheerful and friendly personality.

It was raining badly and I was not able to get a cab to go back home and my so called friend drove pass in his car without bothering to offer me a lift. Few days later his car broke down but I did not care to stop by for help. I lost a part of my helpful nature.

Last week I met with an accident and lost a lot of blood; my cousin refused to donate blood on the pretext of feeling weak. Now, when his son needs platelets to fight dengue; why should I aid? I lost a part of my compassionate self.

In the course of equating the equations, every time we are actually losing a bit of ourselves and finally becoming a negative version of our positive character.

If each one of us holds goodness firmly and discards the theory of tit for tat; how wonderful the world will become………may be a far-fetched dream.

“You better share today’s work with your friend else I’ll not help you with your Hindi assignment!”

© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.


Roads don’t move

Is this the time passing or I?

On the road of life, I stand to think

How far I travelled and long to go

Packs of days, piles of dates

Tick-tock nonstop moving years

Temper of the moment chooses my step

Drag as a snail when sorrow graves

Time stands still but beats race

Amble through the days; asking them to pass

And one fine day, they fly! I want to ease

I plead them to rest in all the bliss

But they are stubborn creatures with wings

How conveniently they change the pace

I keep on adjusting my clogs to chase  

A look on self, made me realize

Roads don’t move days are same

It’s me that is passing by!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.