The day before and the day ahead

Just live in between! Happiness is the keyword on the quizlet of life. If what you do brings happiness to you or people around… go for it!



Mamma’s Love

While walking I got talking

With a teenage chubby boy

Huffed and puffed all sweat scuffed

Slacking on the fitness track

Hey dear! Not seen you before

Yes aunty, I’m new on this shore

Well, I can see your mamma’s love

Rounded you in each possible curve!

Oops! I had embarrassed the boy!

He just managed a crony smile

And here he exposed the hidden treasure

All whites with black patches

Some pits filled and some just drilled!

Oh dear! I guess you are fond of fizz

Chocolates, cheese and ice-creams

Yesss! I love them all!

Happy or sad, fail or pass

My mamma always ready to treat

I smirked and took a lead

 Left behind the boy struggling on his feet

How deprived my children are

Of such motherly love!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.





Re- routing

I’m a traffic phobic and driving at high speed scares me to the bones! But I still managed to learn driving and occasionally drive too! It’s been seven years of safe driving within the radius of 15-20 kms.

My school time friend was on her Delhi visit and it was mandatory to have a get-together. After a long group chatting; day, venue and time was finalized.

Shall I drive down ……?

On the highway, vehicles speeding up like in a formula one race and others over taking from left and right!

Ahhh…. Can’t stop my breath for 30 kms!! Bad idea.

My good friend came to my rescue and offered me a ride. (She behind the wheel. Wow!)

“Good yaar you know all the routes in Delhi”.

“Nah, its GPS! My trusted friend on the road”


We were so engrossed in talking that she missed the left turn (as directed by the GPS).

“Now what?”

“Chill yaar, it will reroute; just five minutes extra, but we’ll reach our destination.”

Reroute- few minutes extra- but you will reach your destination

Isn’t it true in life too?! We all aim to achieve something or to reach somewhere. We follow a path to fulfill our dreams; a plan always waiting for execution; a time-table set, an hourglass placed. But how many of us actually reach the destination?

Many of us give up when the road looks unfamiliar or not as per our blue print. We lose patience when it takes a little longer to travel. We panic when something happens out of plan. The dreams shatter and destination blurs.

We all have our own GPS fitted in the minds but we forget to activate it. Just feed the destination and simply follow it. Your ‘will’ will take you there. It will reroute the travel whenever you’ll divert from the path. You may reach a little later than the scheduled time but you will definitely arrive. You may get distracted and miss the turn; it will guide you to the next one.

Drive your life fearlessly, be alert, follow the GPS (will power), reroute it as many times as it requires but make sure you reach your destination!

“You have arrived at your destination.” The GPS declared.


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.






Something seriously wrong today

Dawn of the day without the chirps

No sigh of the wind, no flapping of the wings

Everything is moving in silence!

As if nature went mum or doesn’t want to hum

Oh! Mother earth, are you annoyed?

Sounds of the morning make me feel alive

Say something, what’s troubling?

Drops down the clouds without ‘pitter-patter’

Silent rain rolling down as tears of the eyes

Everything is so calm making me restless

I plead you to speak, oh please don’t be quiet

“No one wants to hear my words anymore!”

The buzz of the flies, slosh of water, rumpling of leaves

Ah! No ears for the sounds that I make

You humans turned deaf to my chatter

My beauty, my talks no more make you flatter

All glued to phones, plugs firmly covering the ears

Guarding your senses from outside ecosphere

People on the walk way, metros or malls

In the cafes, parks, gyms and homes

Earplugs always on, listening noises of the device

What nature says….. Who cares!?

Some sound interrupted the conversation

Is it raining outside?

Oh! Thank God it was just my nightmare!


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.















My Will

Is there life after death?

I wonder if it’s possible to live after my last breath

Too much in love with life; want to live even after I die!

Some say they allot you heaven or hell

Where you go, only your karma can tell

Will there be trees, birds, wind, sea and soil?

Who has seen the world after the demise

There is a condition before I die

Promise me butterflies, mountains and the sky

I’ll embrace death with a smile; just want to live after I die!

When no motion is left and my body looks dead

My soul will be pleading to live, see and love

And this will be my last ‘will’ to adhere

Take away my eyes, heart, liver and every possible part

Plant them in the person who needs them the most

I’m too much in love with the life; want to live even after I die

My eyes will live to admire the beautiful rain

My heart will beat and fall in love again……..


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.


Who has shrunk the melons!?

Chill it in the fridge, dice it or slice it, sprinkle some black salt and the juicy sweet watermelon is ready to beat the summer heat. And this is what we were doing on the Sunday afternoon; gorging on the super healthy and super delicious watermelon.

Whenever we sit for a treat of melons I go down the memory lane and those wonderful days of childhood flash before my eyes. Watermelons come in summers and summers also mean long vacations. When I was a child, summer holidays used to mean a visit to my maternal and paternal aunts. Playing with cousins, munching the whole day and non-stop laughter; it was the carefree time of the year. No worries absolutely of anything! Ludo, carom and cards were the best indoor games those days. Unlimited supply of mango shakes, shikanji (lemonade), ice- creams and of course big watermelons! I remember my uncle used to get huge watermelons and melons taste good when chilled but the size of melons were so big that keeping them in the fridge was tough.

But we needed red, juicy, sweet and chilled watermelon!

So, watermelons used to be immersed in a big bucket filled with water and ice. And there was another innovative option which I feel was environment friendly as well – a dessert cooler!!!

Those days air conditioners were not very prevalent and dessert coolers were popular and affordable. Many a times my uncle would place a huge watermelon in the water tank of the desert cooler in the afternoon. Cooler served double purpose – chill the air and the melon! In the evening all kids and grown-ups (nothing less than 15 in number.. sometimes even more!) used to savour the red, juicy, sweet and chilled melon together!

“I don’t believe you mommy; I have never seen such big melons”

“It’s true. Search it on Google” (Google knows it all… that’s what tech savvy generation thinks)

“Okay, then who has shrunk the melons?”

Well, the families shrunk and so did the melons.

No more visits to the mausies and buas (aunts) during vacations; no more games and laughter with cousins. Sitting together with cousins, aunts and uncles for the humble treat of melons is a figment of imagination now. No one wants the big melons nowadays. Joint families are not in fashion anymore.

And the good thing is you can chill the melons in the fridge. (sad)

Reducing size of the families shrunk the melon.

© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.




Am I Growing Old?

What’s in the name, Shakespeare said

What’s in the age is the real quest! 

“Don’t behave like a five year old kid; come on grow up!” I heard a mother telling her twelve year old (appeared to me physically) son in the park. “Stop playing with the sand; go and play cricket with children your age” instructed the mother.

Yes, how you behave depends on your age. Is it? Yes, it is.. otherwise you will be termed as a moron, immature and if you act smarter than your age then you will be called too mature or ahead of your age.

So, to sound normal you must conduct yourself according to your chronicle age.

I wonder whether I’m normal or abnormal because many a times I forget to keep my age in mind before expressing myself. I’m a mother of two grown up kids (as per the parameter of chronicle aging) but I hardly feel the pressure to act like a ‘mother’ all the time. Is something wrong with me!?

I admit- The society, my parents and other people of my age made me believe that I must behave in a particular manner, to look responsible, caring and sensible. And most of the time I follow the notion.

My honest self- I don’t feel the age! I love licking my plate after finishing my favourite food like a five year old! I love tickling and teasing my kids like their friends do! I love being romantic with my husband like a teenager! I talk to my teenage daughter like her elder sister! I still crave to stay in company of my parents and siblings!

I’m growing old in numbers but my tastes, emotions and feelings are not ageing; I still cry when it hurts (emotionally). I go mad on trivial things and each emotion clearly reflects through my face.

According to my philosophy how you act depends on your experiences and learnings, age has nothing to do with it. Emotions and feelings that develop in a person remain the same irrespective of age. A fifty year old guy can be as romantic as a teenager. And there’s always a child living within us with an urge to do some mischief or fun. We must not burden ourselves with the idea to always act according to our chronicle age. You might have cut fifty birthday cakes so far but your heart may be just twenty five years old and mentally you may sound a sixty year experienced person.

Forget the age, follow your heart. Life is not in the numbers but in the way you live it without any pretense.

Time to blow some candles and cut my favourite cake; time to celebrate the day when life was gifted to me. Am I growing old? Well, who cares… 🙂


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life.